This weekend, I have to go to a wedding in another state. It’s all the way in Sonoma, California. We are spending Friday night in San Francisco and the following night in Sonoma.

marriage-adviceI have never been to wine country. So, the word is that you can wear nice shorts and a nice shirt to this celebration because it’s the wine country. I don’t think I’ve ever gone quite that casual to a wedding before but, I’ll give it a try. OK, I’m not really familiar with “Wine Country.” What the heck is it? Is there just wine everywhere? Or lots of grapevine? I really don’t know what to expect? And does it look like the country? So many questions. The wedding is at 11am. That’s pretty early for a wedding. I saw the groom yesterday and he just found out a day earlier that he was supposed to buy the bride a wedding gift. I told him that he didn’t need to worry about it since he was paying for the Wedding in Wine country. And there you have it. Marriage Advice from Big Al. If you need a bit of Marriage advice, feel free to text me. I know it is wedding season so my little tidbits of marriage advice might really come in handy.

You’re Welcome! :)