My least favorite candy is black licorice. If you eat it, more to you I ain't touching the stuff. A new study finds out it really is not good for you.

This Halloween, don't eat too much black licorice because it might be trying to kill you.  It's trying to keep you away with its horrible, horrible taste, but you licorice lovers just plow past that don't say you weren't warned.

According to a cardiologist in Bradenton, Florida, black licorice contains a chemical compound called glycyrrhizin that can make your potassium levels drop.  You have to eat a lot to make that happen.

If you eat at least two ounces of black licorice every day for two weeks, that potassium drop could cause a problem with blood flow to your heart.  Worst case scenario, you could even have congestive heart failure.

So parents do not hand out black licorice this year for Halloween. No one really likes the stuff and it is not good for you. Honestly though is any candy really healthy.