A bomb threat, said to have been made by a caller with a middle eastern accent and claiming to be a member of al Queda, has forced officials to evacuate all buildings on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

As of 10:45 am, the school is reporting on it's Facebook page that buildings are still being cleared and a decision will come shortly on whether to resume normal operations.  The caller reportedly told officials that bombs had been placed in all of the buildings and would go off at 10 am CDT.  No explosions or injuries have been reported.

A similar threat was called in to the campus of North Dakota State University at Fargo.  Full scale evacuations were made there as well.  No reports of explosions or injuries at that campus at this time.

Officials have also searched the  Valparaiso University campus in Indiana amid an "unspecified threat".  Classes there have remained in session.