I've been following the progress of Broadway's "Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark" not because I'm a dorky theatre-nerd (notice the "re" ending which shows true pretension : ) but because Bono, from my favorite band EVER, is involved.  Like big-time involved!  

This poor production has been struggling from the get-go.  Bad reviews. Actors falling from the rafters. A HUGE budget.  All the while, my favorite man has taken a backseat, just providing funds and music.  Until now.  He replaced his director and added a Marvel comic book writer to do a complete overhaul on the show.

With his new, though decidedly B-list, creative team in place, Bono, who with The Edge wrote the score to the musical, is going to "rip the show apart from top to bottom," says a production source. "They're going to start from scratch."

Holy sticky web stuff, Spidey!  I think a trip to NYC may be in order : )  Check out more of Bono's plans at New York Post.