I found this video online of two guys playing this game called Slender. It is a survival horror game where you have too find 8 pages in this forest. Sounds boring, but this game is more addicting than Angry Birds.

I was able to find five pages when I played. This game actually made me jump out of my chair when the "Slenderman" gets close. If you play this game trust me it gets intense after five pages. If you think you can beat Eric the Intern at Slender go check it out right now on this website.

You will either be too scared to play it or I don't think you will survive past five pages. Also note to anyone attempting to play this game, do not play this at one in the morning in the dark. When the "Slenderman" gets you (trust me he will), it will scare you to death.

Please feel free to record yourself playing slender and send it to us. I would love to see your reactions to this scary game.