Staying at the same company paid off for some employees in Michigan this past week. Howard Cooper owned Howard Cooper Imports for the last 47 years. He retired this past Wednesday and gave his employees a nice bonus.

Howard Cooper gave each of his 89 employees a pretty sweet going-away present:  A $1,000 cash bonus for every year they worked for him. A mechanic got $26,000, the guy who drives the parts van got $28,000 and one office worker who started in 1966 got $46,000.

Even people who just started a month ago got some money - Howard prorated the bonus so they got $83.  People that worked there for six months got $500.

"I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it," Cooper said. "I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine."

Mr. Cooper sounds like an awesome guy to work for. Usually when you retire you would want to hold on to your money. Howard decided to hook up the people who have been loyal to him for years. Awesome gesture that he didn't have to do, but I am sure it is greatly appreciated.