Some people say that cats are standoffish, but I have another word for them. They are opportunists. I truly believe that my cats like me, but they’re more prone to give attention to the person who is most likely to benefit them at the moment. Our cat Felix will move from person to person in an attempt to get the most scratches, and his method works. He doesn’t seem to like one of us more than the other, he simply likes the person who will pay the most attention to him. He also comes when called. Perhaps he should have been a dog. Some pets don’t have a person to call their own, and that’s where you come in.

The Humane Society shelters pets, gets them the care they need, gives them the love they’re craving, and does their best to place them in permanent homes. Whether you’re looking for a lazy dog who prefers a quiet walk to play, or a cat who chases toys, chances are the Humane Society will have your perfect match.

May I present our pets of the week. If you’d like to see them in person or get more information on these pets or any other pets that the Humane Society has, check them out online here or call 940-855-4941. They’re located at 4360 Old Iowa Park Road in Wichita Falls.

Humane Society of Wichita County


Branigan is a large, male, black and white Border Collie mix. He’s just over two-years-old, so he has lots of energy, but still knows how to behave himself. He loves taking walks, exploring new places, playing fetch, and hanging out with you while you’re catching up on the DVR. He’s neutered, up-to-date on shots, heartworm tested and on preventative, and microchipped. Branigan can’t wait to find his new home and to settle in with a new family. Swing by to introduce yourself and see if he’s the next great addition to your home!

Humane Society of Wichita County

Furrah Fawcett

Furrah Fawcett is a medium sized, female, short-hair cat. She’s three-years-old, so she has lots of energy and loves to check out new places, but she also understands the value of a good, long nap. She’s a little shy but warms up quickly, and you can bet your lap will be a favorite destination. She’s spayed, up-to-date on shots, heartworm tested and on preventative, and microchipped. Furrah Fawcett is looking to settle into a new forever home, and yours might be a perfect fit. Stop by to find out!