Their have been some awesome pranks the past week. Guys pulling black Friday pranks. Now the creepiest elevator prank you could pull on someone.

This is from a show called "Programa Silvio Santos" it is one of those hidden camera scare shows. Seems like a Brazilian version of "Scare Tactics" So in the clip unsuspecting elevator users are standing there and then the lights flicker. All of the sudden a little girl  appears. Then the lights go out and then come back on. The girl has now disappeared.

The lights go out again and then the girl reappears. This time letting out an ear shattering scream. I will be honest I would punch that little girl in the face. That would terrify me to death. Once again the thing I love about these prank shows in other countries. You never see the part where they tell them its a prank. They just go about the rest of there day terrified.

Check out Terrifying Elevator Prank below: