Not quite sure if Brit-Brit's PR Team is helping or hurting her new album.  I mean, we're already playing two of her singles from Femme Fatale while several others have been "leaked".  You can hear a few seconds to over a minute of over half the songs from the album.  By the time her seventh studio album hits stores March 29, they'll be old news.  But Britney herself will never be old news.  In preparation for the new arrival, Britney's hittin' the magazine circuit.

Britney sat down with Out magazine and talked about everything from plastic surgery to her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Christina Aguilera.

Of every going under the knife Britney said: 'I'm excited to be out of my 20s. When it's time to pull and tuck, I'm sure I will consider it'.

Check out the "intimate tattoos" and how-bendy-can-Britney-get pose at DailyMail.