If you are a rookie NFL quarterback, before your first game, you are probably thinking about keeping focus, the plays you are going to run, or envisioning completing a pass. You are probably not thinking a 100 yard flag is about to run you over. Unfortunately for Brandon Weeden this is how is rookie career started.

Now if you don't know much about Brandon Weeden, he is a 28 year old rookie in the NFL. He played at Oklahoma State as quarterback and was selected in the first round by the Cleveland Browns.

Now Brandon Weeden's NFL career started Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. He had what you would expect from a rookie in his first NFL game, completing only half his passes and throwing some interceptions.

Unfortunately for Weeden it is what happened before the game that everyone will remember him for. During the National Anthem before most games a flag is brought onto the field. Well the soldiers bringing the flag onto the field didn't check to see if anyone was on the field when they were running with the flag. So Weeden was on the field and got swallowed up by the flag.

Rookies already have enough to deal with on a Sunday, now they have to worry about getting trampled by flags.

Watch Brandon Weeden get stuck under the American flag below: