I think this guy maybe a little to obsessed with the Chicago Bulls.

Last year, Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls tore his ACL in the NBA playoffs and missed all of this season. Rose is the Bulls' best player, but he isn't the real victim of this story.  No, the real victim here is 25-year-old Matthew Thompson of Peoria, Illinois.

See, Matthew is a huge Bulls fan. He says Rose's injury and the missed season caused him emotional distress. Over the course of the season without Rose, he's gained a ton of weight.

So now, he's suing him.  He says Rose slacked on his rehab, was negligent with his body, and should be playing since doctors cleared him last month.Matthew is seeking an undisclosed amount. The Bulls still made the playoffs this year.  They finished 45-and-37, got the number five seed. They lost their first playoff game Saturday against the Brooklyn Nets.  Looks like someone's headed to the buffet.