Everyone has their pet peeves or little things that drive them up the wall. Knuckle cracking, hair twirling and pen clicking are a few common ones but what if something as ordinary as the sound of people eating could drive you into an uncontrollable rage? Well for Adah Siganoff  of Alpine, Calif. it does exactly that. She can't eat meals with her family or eat in public because the sounds trigger her nerves and create a painful reaction to her. The sound of slurping soup is like a million nails on a chalk board in her mind.Siganoff  didn't know her condition had a name until she typed "I hate eating sounds" into a google search one night and found online support groups.  This condition is called Misanthopia and scientist are debating of it's a condition or something hard wired to the brain like being left or right handed.

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I wouldn't call it a fit of rage but people who walk really slowly(especially in malls) make me want to step on their ankles. Does that make me crazy? What's your biggest pet peeve? Share below!