When Apple first introduced the iPhone, they used the tag line “There’s an app for that.” That tag line has proven to be true with apps for just about anything, and the newest to join the line-up is LeftoverSwap. It allows you to trade your leftovers with strangers in your area.

If you’re full and just can’t finish what’s on your plate, simply snap a photo of it, upload it to the app, then wait to see if anyone else wants to claim it. The logic behind it is made clear when the app’s Web site states, “You’re hungry. And cheap. We understand.”

Though you might be sitting back thinking “Ewwww,” the science behind the app makes sense. LeftoverSwap says:

  • 40% of the food we produce goes to waste.
  • 25% of us don't know our neighbors' names.
  • 70% of us are overweight.
  • 16% of Americans lack enough food for a healthy lifestyle.
  • 99% of us don't need a second helping of the beef lo mein.

Not to mention that it’s easy to put leftovers away in the fridge, just to have them go bad because we opt for something else later.

In addition to reducing waste and our waistlines, the app is aiming to create a sense of community by having us introduce ourselves to our neighbors and meeting people through food, which, let’s admit it, is a great way to make friends.

Bryan Summersett and Dan Newman are the brains behind the operation and hope to have the app up and running for the iPhone by August 30. They’re also working on an Android version which they hope to have out soon.

Is this something that you would take part in? Do you think it’s a genius idea or is it just nasty?