The Panthers are having a bad season, but they have not won a single coin toss this season. So for this Sunday they are letting the fans make the call.

The Panther are playing the Chiefs this Sunday and they do not want to lose to the worst team in the NFL. So on the Carolina Panthers Facebook page they have a poll. Heads or Tails? With this message "The Carolina Panthers are an astonishing 0-for-12 on coin tosses this season, so we want you - the fans - to call heads or tails for Sunday's game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs."

Winning the coin flip does more than give the winning team the decision on taking the ball or choosing an end zone. A 2011 study found the coin-flip winner won the game 52 percent of the time during the regular season.

So if the Panthers lose the coin toss the fans can only blame themselves. Also it would be pretty embarrassing to lose to the Chiefs. It would also be embarrassing if the Cowboys lose to the Eagles.