Carrie Underwood was feeling a little under the weather this past Friday. She was recovering from a sore throat she got in Chicago. Carrie Underwood then did a very nice gesture. 

Carrie Underwood may have struggled with some vocal problems over the past few days, but she showed fans there's absolutely nothing wrong with her heart this holiday season.The American Idol alum lost her voice earlier in the week following the Chicago date on her 2012 Blown Away tour. She decided to attempt her next show in Des Moines on Friday night and managed to power through 90 minutes of it. Ultimately she had to shave a few songs off the set list.

Dissatisfied with what she considered a sub par performance, Underwood hoarsely told the crowd that she planned to return their money right back to their city. "I feel real guilty about making any money on this show tonight," she noted. "So whatever I'm making is just going to go right back into this community." While the surprised audience cheered in response, she added, "I feel that's the right thing to do."

Honestly Carrie if you managed to get through 90 minutes with a soar throat, that is amazing. I am sure you will get good karma giving all that money to the community.

Watch Carrie Underwoods Message to the Crowd below: