I know Valentines Day is right around the corner, but guys I don't think any of us could afford this piece of jewelry.

Carrie Underwood definitely out accessorized everyone last night at the Grammy's. If you were wondering what a 31 million dollar necklace is made out of it's an oval, pear, marquise and white diamond necklace. Not to mention 381 carats.  It was designed by some big shot Beverly Hills jeweler named Johnathon Arndt.

Walking down the red carpet Carrie was quoted as saying "It's heavy on my soul.  I'm afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it.  It's worth more than me." Honestly Carrie if word had gotten out it would not have shocked me if someone tried to steal it. 31 million dollars, that's just ridiculous.

Here is a Closeup of the Necklace below:

Getty Images