Castaway Cove has announced the kick-off its new Swampmaster Alligator Show! Lead by Jeff Quattrocchi, the show will run three times daily through July 28.

What can you expect to see during the show? Here’s how Castaway Cove describes it:

The New Swampmaster Alligator Show provides the opportunity for kids of all ages to learn more about alligators in a fun, interactive, and laughter-filled environment. Guests get to watch Jeff Quattrocchi, The Swampmaster, catch an eight-foot, 200 lb. alligator with his bare hands. After each show, kids will be able to pose for a picture with The Swampmaster himself, ask questions and even get the chance to hold a baby alligator. This unique, educational, and interactive show and exhibit is something that will remain in the minds of visitors for years to come.

In addition to the show, Castaway Cove has seven water attractions to visit while at the park and also offers great packages for birthday parties and gatherings.

Get ready to put some excitement in your summer!