10 Kids Completely Freaked Out By the Easter Bunny
Somewhere along the way, an egg-toting, gift-giving rabbit became associated with the Easter holiday. We assume that soon after, sadistic parents decided that it would be fun to make sure any likeness of this generous rabbit should be creepy and frightening so they can take pictures and video of the…
Official 929 NIN Kiss-A-Thon Rules
Saturday is almost here and we have over 25 couples entered in the first ever 929 NIN Kiss-A-Thon!  There's still time to get signed up and then put your lips to work in order to win his and her Apple iPads coutrtesy of Mac Tech Solutions! To get you and your special someone signed up, cli…
10 Cute Dogs Dressed for Mardi Gras
Next Tuesday is a big day…literally. This year, February 21st is Mardi Gras, or translated, Fat Tuesday. The day we all party down and do all kinds of sinful things before giving it all up for Lent. Yes, even the dogs.
You Could Find Love In A Bookstore This Valentine’s Day
Date Idea #4: A Bookstore Date
Need a date that cost absolutely nothing? Try this great idea from The Dating Divas Blog, it’s called a bookstore date and you guessed it, it takes place in a bookstore.
Even if the mere thought of a book puts you to sleep, don’t rule out…

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