The Top 10 Christmas Films of All Time – Tony’s List
With Christmas just 5 days away, I have been asked to put together my list of the Top 10 Christmas films of all time. Believe me, it didn't take any arm twisting to get me to do this. I love Christmas and watching Christmas films with my family is one of my favorite parts of the holiday...
Will Texoma See a White Christmas?
Kory King tracked down forecaster John Cameron of Newschannel 6 to get the inside scoop on our chances for snow over the Christmas weekend. Hear what John had to say.
Research Proves Size Does Matter When It Comes to Gifts
Spent all your money on one really great gift, but think you should also get a small gift so your loved one has something else to open? Think again. New research shows that a small gift could decrease the value of the more generous one in the eyes of the recipient.
Kmart Layaway Accounts Paid Off By Anonymous Donors
Many Kmart customers in Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, and Montana have been receiving surprise calls lately from their local Kmart store telling them that their layaway account had been paid off.  The secret Santas have been paying off the layaway accounts of impoverished families who are …
Is This the Most Inappropriate Christmas Card of all Time? [IMAGE]
As far as Jorge Santini, the major of San Juan, Puerto Rico is concerned, nothing says Christmas like one animal crushing the windpipe of another. Wait, what???
The mayor and his family posed for an incredibly macabre Christmas photo this year, which shows a taxidermied leopard going to town on the j…
Would Christmas Be Better if Men Were in Charge?
Women are in charge of Christmas.  That's a fact.  A survey last week found that 0% of couples say the man takes the lead for the holidays.  But deep down, men secretly think they could do it better.
A new survey found that more than one-third of men think Chri…

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