Kidd Kraddick

Kellie, Why Am I ALWAYS Single?
What To Do With My Ex’s Jewelry?
Kellie is our resident love expert and she gives amazing advice,there has always been this universal question it seems when it comes to what is considered proper etiquette regarding most specifically, jewelry...
Kidd’s Kids Trip 2017 Applications Now Available
Kidd's Kids started over twenty years ago by Kidd Kraddick himself. The charity aims to take chronically or terminally sick kids and their families to Disney World for a week of fun and sun and give them a break from their normal lives.
An Employee Made A HUGE Mistake At Big Al’s Bar
If you weren't able to catch the show Monday you really missed out on an inspiring story, if you play your cards right sometimes our biggest mistakes could actually turn into golden opportunities. Big Al hosted a huge party for Kellie, even going to the lengths of having t-shirts, adhesive signs eve…

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