Do You Play Board Games With Holiday Visitors
For my family during the holidays there are a few things that happen every year when we get together. Someone will start a gigantic puzzle that will take forever and someone else will bring out a board game that will also take forever.
Dang, I Could Be A Genius!
Have you ever wondered if you could be a genius? One member of KiddNation just combined his television remote with his cordless phone, when in doubt all he had to do was page it! See who else called in to "Does That Make Me A Genius?" on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show...
Thong Thursday Officially Begins Today!
After feeling sorry for over 80% of his female, thong wearing staff members, Part- Time Justin took it upon himself and purchased some of these little intimate numbers for the guys in the office. With a bit of hesitation they wore those thongs like champs, despite their moaning and groaning...

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