Cats continue to prove they are jerks. Put them on a counter or table and they’re sure to knock something over. It’s fun stuff, after all, watching objects crash to the floor. It may seem like a jerk move to you and me, but they’re just finding ways to entertain themselves.

Contrary to the stereotypes, cats are actually very loving and sweet animals. Sure, they may not come when you call them, but they still have your back. Sort of. In my household I’m almost always greeted by a cat when I walk through the door. I’ll also gloss over the fact that they want something, such as a treat or to go do a perimeter check of the backyard, but I’m still greeted by a friend who is happy to see me. I’ll also gloss over the fact that one of the book shelves in our house is fairly bare because one of our cats likes to hang out on a shelf and has proven time and time again that certain objects just don’t belong there.