No one can deny that the Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in the history of our great nation.  For years I've been fascinated with the Declaration of Independence.  Not only what it says, but how it is written.  As Morgan Freeman says, many believe that this document was intended to be performed, as it was to many people back in 1776.  Obviously, this is not a new video.  Several years old, but still interesting nevertheless.  If this was truly meant to be performed, its fitting that several of our most recognizable performers should recite it in the very room that it was voted on.

Two things about this video...

1.  I love that everyone gives a straight forward read, but Kevin Spacey gives an intense, mildly angry, read.

2.  What the heck is up with giving EVERYONE multiple lines to read, except Graham Greene?  The only line he gets by himself is the one about "merciless Indian savages."  That's messed up.