In an age of photo shop, plastic surgery, weight loss drugs and many more cosmetic additions working with what god gave you is just sooo last century now people wanting to alter there appearance can take it a step further with eye color altering surgery.
Dr. Gregg Homer of Southern California says he has created a new treatment that can permanently turn brown eyes into blue eyes without effecting a patient's vision.

Homer and his firm, Stroma Medical, took a decade of research to  figure out how to remove the melanin from irises, revealing the blue pigment beneath. According to the Huffington post this process takes just 20 seconds.

"You won’t feel anything,"  Said Homer in a interview with NY Daily. "Your eyes will get a little darker for the first week. Then in two to four weeks, they'll be completely changed."

the treatment, is expected to cost about $5,000, but  the brown pigment won't return saving the  the new blue eyed person a ton of money spent on contacts.

What do you think about this procedure? Does it sound too good to be true would you change your brown eyes to blue if you could?

I love blue eyes but if I had the procedure I wouldn't have my theme music


Huffington Post has the story here