If your struggling with your bracket, don't worry here is the perfect one.

So I know nothing about college basketball so I went with my gut feeling on every pick. I have a feeling that everyone will really be impressed with all my picks I took. In my final four I have Duke, Northwestern State, Wichita State and Miami. I have Northwestern State winning the whole thing. Go Demons!

If you have not filled out a bracket yet, what are you waiting for? If yours is perfect you can get one million dollars. The best bracket in Texoma is getting a Xbox 360 with a Kinect. Also if you win I will hook you up with my Xbox live name so you can play me in Halo on your new system. Plus you can see if you have a better bracket than me and have bragging rights for life. So if you haven't filled one out yet just click the link here.

Check Out Eric the Interns Bracket Below:

The Winning Bracket