Not to be outdone by Watermelon Oreos, Cheetos has introduced their own strange mash-up: Pepsi flavored Cheetos. The item is on store shelves in Japan, though there’s no word on when and if they’ll come to the states.

The limited-time product is said to be “fizzy,” with USA Today reporting:

There's a food-industry term for how consumers respond to product mashes like Pepsi and Cheetos: mouth surprise. ‘The mouth doesn't anticipate the combo, which actually makes it more pleasurable to the brain,’ says food scientist Steven Witherly, author of Why Humans Like Junk Food: The Inside Story on Why You Like Your Favorite Foods. ‘If something looks like a Cheeto but tastes like a Pepsi, it wakes up the brain.’

The flavor is also said to be “lemony.”

If you can’t wait to see if they’ll hit the states, eBay is offering up a few buys at this time, with bids starting as low as $5 and as high as $1,000. For that kind of money, my Cheetos need to wash the dishes.

Is this a flavor you’d want to try?