In California this week, two men made plans to rob a smoke shop. When they entered, armed with rifles, they didn’t expect to encounter a vicious dog. That dog was none other than the owner’s Chihuahua. The men fled without all the loot they had come for.

The photo to the right isn't the dog in question, but I find him to be one bad pup.

Video of the robbery shows the men enter the store and demand the money. The owner did begin putting money in a bag provided by the robbers, but they didn’t get all of the cash. The Chihuahua began barking forcefully at the men, apparently intimidating them. That’s when they abandoned their efforts and fled the store.

Great for the dog, but seriously? A little yappy ankle biter? I think Chihuahuas are awesome, but I wouldn’t think of myself as ever being intimidated by one. Apparently someone has stroked this dog’s ego so he thinks he’s a Doberman, and for that I need to applaud the owner.

Would you be run off by a little dog?