The office tradition of rewarding ourselves from a long & tedious week with a Friday breakfast burrito from Cielito Lindo's is ending today.

Cielito Lindo, or "that little burrito place across from the Bridwell Ag Center" closes it's doors today after decades of serving  burrito's, taco's & other tasty treats to the hungry masses.

According to Curtis on

This little "hole in the wall" mexican food restaurant is a gem in Wichita Falls, serving some of the best mexican food there is.  My favorite is the brisket combo burrito with a crispy taco. The flavor is incredible and the staff is superb!! Also, the burritto wouldn't be complete if you don't load it down wwith Oscar's secret salsa!! Wonderful!!

I personally love the bean, potato, egg, cheese and sour cream b'fast burrito : )

Get 'em while you can!  They close at 1:30pm.