Nathan Fielder asked his Twitter followers to do one thing. Text your parents "Got 2 grams for $40." Then text "sorry,ignore that text." Lets just say the Twitter response was overwhelming and also hilarious.

This prank is less than 48 hours old and it's already managing to cruelly,but hilariously freak out parents all over the country.There's a comedian named Nathan Fielder who hosts a show on Comedy Central called "Nathan For You". On Wednesday, he tweeted the idea:  Text your parents, quote, "got 2 grams for $40?"  Then text, quote, "sorry, ignore that text."

In other words, you pretend you meant to text a drug dealer, but accidentally texted your parents.  So kids started doing it, and posting screenshots of the results. As you would expect, their parents' reactions were perfect.

Here Are Some of my Favorites Below: