This is an amazing idea to help kids get over the fear of chemo.

Artists with DC Comics in Burbank, Calif., are working on custom comic books and illustrations specifically for the project. In the story lines, each Justice League member undergoes a life-threatening ordeal similar to that of a child with cancer.

Like the children, the fabled heroes regain their powers through a "super serum" delivered intravenously.The stories jump off the page and into the exam room with medical grade plastic coverings that disguise the children’s chemotherapy bags to look just like the formulas that nursed the Justice League members back to health.

“Yesterday, one of the young boys was wearing a Batman costume and said to me, ‘I want my superformula because I’m Batman!’,” Rodrigues said. “I almost cried in the end. He wanted to show me his superformula and it was his chemo.”

When I was five I broke my arm, I remember crying and being in a terrible amount of pain. After I got x-rays my doctor told me I would have to wear a cast. He said don't worry you will have some new friends hanging around now. He shows me the coolest teenage mutant ninja turtle wrap ever for my cast. After that I forgot about the pain in my arm and was actually a little happy. It is possible for kids to have fun even in such a terrible ordeal.

Barry Ziehl, senior vice president of marketing of consumer products for Warner Bros., called the program “very cool,” but said there were no plans as of Wednesday to expand it beyond Brazil.

Check Out the Superformula Below: