Lindsey Lohan is back in court this week over her shoplifting case last spring the actress( has she acted in anything recently?) could face serious time as she is a repeat offender and has been booked on serious drug and alcohol violations. This paparazzi darling cannot stay out of trouble and she is constantly the talk of tabloids now a  new rumor has been spreading like wildfire: Is Lindsay Really a Man?besides sporting some major makeup in the court room yesterday an official d0cument has Lohans sex listed as male. Now I have several theories  as to why this happened either a.) this could be a typo b.)  her records got mixed up with her equally notorious father Micheal Lohan or C.) The record keeper caught a contact high off of Lindsay and lastly d.) she could actually be a man. Nothing is for sure but you can see the document here courtesy of TMZ.  One thing is for certain if this turns out to be true it will finally answer our questions about if she had a boob job!

Check out these protesters at her last court hearing