Lets be honest we have all probably done this at some point in our lives. Pay for one movie ticket then go watch another one. Well this couple did that and got busted.

On Saturday night, 49-year-old Lendsey Harbin of Gary, Indiana, and his wife, 40-year-old Delilha Harbin, went to see The Rock's new movie "Snitch"at a theater in Portage, Indiana. After "Snitch" was over, the Harbins snuck into a different theater to watch the zombie movie "Warm Bodies". Unfortunately for them a security guard spotted them and called the cops.

They were both arrested. Even though movie tickets at the theater only cost $6.75 both of them have been charged with a felony theft count. Apparently in Indiana, all thefts are considered felonies, even for people like the Harbins without priors.  They are facing six months to three years in prison.

They say they were at a funeral all day on Saturday, and, quote, "just were not thinking correctly". So there you go kids I am sure you will think twice about doing that now. Cinemark and Carmike will be on the lookout now.