After the tragedy this past weekend the Dallas Cowboys are looking for answers. A man in charge of the Dallas Cowboys off-field programs has an idea.

In case you missed what happened early Saturday morning. Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent got into a drunk-driving accident early Saturday morning that resulted in the death of teammate Jerry Brown a linebacker who was on the practice squad.

Police said Brent was speeding on Highway 114 in Irving Texas, when his car hit a curb at around 2:20 A.M. and flipped over at least once.  When police arrived at the scene, the car was upside down and on fire, and Brent was dragging Brown away from it.

Brown was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.  Brent was given a field sobriety test, which he failed.  Blood was later drawn to determine alcohol content.  The results weren't released.Brent was booked on a felony charge of intoxicated vehicular manslaughter, and has been behind bars ever since.  He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.Brent and Brown were teammates at Illinois where Brent pleaded guilty to DUI in 2009.

Calvin Hill, who's responsible for the Dallas Cowboy's off-the-field support programs, says they're considering equipping players' cars with those devices that keep them from driving when they're drunk.The NFL Players Union would probably have to sign off on that.  It's not clear if they would.

Here is what makes me made about this breathalyzer car program. The NFL already has a program in place for this situation. They give you a number to call if you are to drunk to drive and a LIMO comes to pick you up. Unfortunately from what I heard about this program NFL players are embarrassed to call the number. They feel their will be repercussions for going out and drinking excessively.

I feel as if players would just find a way to say that an in car breathalyzer is infringing on their rights if they have never gotten a DUI. So I think that the players should just use the LIMO SERVICE that the NFL provides. Seriously, a free limo service. Who turns that down?

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