One of the enduring symbols of Valentine’s Day is that of Cupid. Among the hearts, flowers, chocolate, and jewelry, you might find a sweet little cherub, but there’s a side of Cupid that you never knew before. We know that Cupid shoots his arrows at people to make them fall in love, but do you really want to get hit by his arrow? Really?

The folk tales never really go into detail about what it would be like to be shot by Cupid’s arrow. Movies depict it as something magical, but what if it wasn’t all glitter and gumdrops? What if it’s just a full-on massacre when he starts pointing that bow? And how is getting shot going to make you fall in love? Unless it’s with the cute nurse or doctor that takes care of you, you’re probably just out a lot of luck and a lot of money for your hospital stay.

During this holiday, let’s take a moment to reflect on just how messed up some holiday traditions are. Is it time to take a different approach to the cute baby who’s running around hurting people?