Indiana, you guys sure do harbor some weird ones.  This is Steven O'Bryant of Knox, Indiana and he was arrested on Monday (8/20) and charged with four counts of child molestation.

As you can see, his mugshot shows a tattoo of random scribbles all over his face, and the best part - a dotted line across his neck with the caption "CUT HERE."

WSBT-TV reports,

Police say on July 8 a juvenile told them 43-year-old Steven L. O’Bryant molested him over a two week period while O’Bryant lived in his home. A warrant was issued for O’Bryant on August 17 and on the 20th he was arrested by Fort Wayne police.

We're not even sure why anybody in their right mind would let a loony looking character like this close enough to their children to commit such heinous crimes - perhaps the state of Indiana should go ahead and follow the instructions on this guy's neck.