I really don't know if he has the right parenting technique for this one.

A Florida man is being investigated by the Department of Children and Families after video of him pushing his six-year-old son down a skateboard ramp went viral over the weekend.

Back in the day I used to skateboard and I use that term very loosely. I could only ollie and I was able to land a kickflip only a few times. One of my friends was pretty good though, and we would go to the skate park all the time. One day I finally got the courage to try out a ramp and busted my ass several times that day. It's a part of skateboarding down a ramp, I can assure you that you will fall your first few times.

To most people it is frightening going down a ramp the first time. Well that is what happened in this scenario. It is this kid's first time going down a ramp and he does not want to go. His dad gives him a kick, and of course he falls down off his skateboard.

A few people are calling for this guy to be brought up on child abuse charges. Let's pump the brakes on that one. Falling down is a part of skateboarding. Whether his dad kicked him or not, that kid was going to fall down.

Watch the Video of the Dad Kicking His Son Below: