It is not surprising to someone like me that America's Team is worth the most money in the NFL. Forbes just came out with an article showing the net worth of every team in the NFL and the Cowboys topped the list. I was shocked of the placing of some of the other NFL teams though.The top 10 NFL Teams are:

#1.)  Dallas Cowboys,  $2.1 billion

#2.)  New England Patriots,  $1.64 billion

#3.)  Washington Redskins,  $1.6 billion

#4.)  New York Giants,  $1.47 billion

#5.)  Houston Texans,  $1.3 billion

#6.)  New York Jets,  $1.28 billion

#7.)  Philadelphia Eagles,  $1.26 billion

#8.)  Chicago Bears,  $1.2 billion

#9.)  San Francisco 49ers,  $1.18 billion

#10.)  Green Bay Packers,  $1.16 billion

The Bottom 5 are:

#27.)Detroit Lions, $855 million

#28.) Atlanta Falcons, $837 million

#29.) Buffalo Bills, $805 million

#30.) Oakland Raiders, $785 million

#31.) St Louis Rams, $780 million

#32.) Jacksonville Jaguars, $770 million

What I found interesting in this list is that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not crack the top 10. For a franchise with six Super Bowl championships they would have made a pretty penny. The full list is on