Of course the NFL would make the Dallas Cowboys the last preseason game of week one, but I am still excited for tonight's game against the Oakland Raiders.After watching literally every other NFL team have a preseason game I have been getting a little antsy for the Dallas Cowboys game tonight. As some of you may know, I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. I came into the station today in my Ware jersey, Cowboys tennis shoes, and Dallas Cowboys hat. I also have a Dallas Cowboys tattoo so I am a die hard fan of this team.

I know most people don't get excited for preseason football, but to me it just means that the regular season is that much closer. The preseason is a nice little appetizer before the the regular season. Unfortunately, the starters only play a few series but its good to see the backups actually get some playing time.

Tonight the Dallas Cowboys will be taking on the Oakland Raiders on ESPN starting at seven. ESPN will also be having a Monday Night Countdown starting at six tonight. So if your as big a fan as me, tune in and support your Dallas Cowboys.