Last night in between doing weather updates I was watching the Mavericks final game of the season. It was sad to know that when the playoffs start Sunday the Mavericks will be watching at home like all of us.

The Mavericks ended their season last night beating the Hornets 99-87. The Mavericks ended the season at exactly .500 with a 41-41 record. Their was hope a couple of weeks for an eighth seed in the playoffs, but that ended with a loss to Suns last week. So these final games did not technically mean anything, but it was nice to see the Mavericks finish with a .500 record.

Now I moved to Dallas in 2007, but I have been a Mavericks fan my whole life. Living in Baltimore my first professional game I ever attended was the Orioles, but my second was the Dallas Mavericks. When I was about six my parents brought me to Denton to see my grandparents and we went to a Mavericks game. Since then I have been hooked. The one thing I do remember was the huge old school cowboy hat logo at center court and I do miss that logo.

Now while going around town people are talking about this as one of the worst seasons in Mavericks history and they would be dead wrong. This is the worst season in awhile, to the younger generation look up how bad the Mavericks were in the early 90's. Statistically two of the Mavericks teams from that generation rank as the worst in NBA history. So these are not the darkest days and I am hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. The Mavericks have a lot of cap space in the off season and I am hoping for a big pick up at some point over the summer.

Honestly how good did we expect the Mavericks to do this year. Getting rid of Terry and Kidd were going to be some big shoes to fill. I was predicting at least the eighth seed, but that did not happen. Mark Cuban will do whatever he can to bring another championship to Dallas."Our goal is to win championships, so it's disappointing to not win. But we will come back and get better next year." Mark said that in an email last Thursday, so good luck in the off season Mavericks. I will always be a fan and can not wait for next season. ROWDY,PROUD,LOUD!