I will be honest I have never been to a professional soccer game, but I do not think this is how you celebrate a goal. Especially if it is your team that scored.

FC Dallas defender George John shot in a late winner against the LA Galaxy and before he could even celebrate, he was on the ground and bleeding after getting struck by a beer bottle thrown by one of his club's own supporters.

As as soon as he scored, he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as a beer bottle came flying out of the stands and into the back of his head. John went down clutching his bloody scalp as his teammates gathered around and the crowd celebrated the goal.

Though the joy of the moment was lost, George John received treatment, got cleaned up and seemed OK aside from the cut. Still, it was a scary moment, especially for a player with a history of concussions who was forced out of Dallas' last match at halftime with another head injury.

A review of the footage from TV cameras identified the man who threw the bottle, so justice will hopefully be served there. Now from the video it appears to be one of those new aluminum bottles. I have a feeling if this continues to happen, sports arenas will go back to all plastic.

Watch the Incident Below: