With the Tony Awards fast approaching this Sunday, more info is coming out about the line-up for the event. Broadway musical numbers are a given, and Danielle Radcliffe will be one of those singing during the program.

Radcliffe is currently in the show "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," and will be singing "Brotherhood of Man."

This Broadway show isn’t the first theater that Radcliff has performed. He caused quite a stir when he performed in the play Equus, which was his Broadway debut and held good reviews. In that play, he spent some of his time of stage fully nude.

The timing for Radcliffe’s Tony performance is fantastic. The last installment of the Harry Potter movies hits theaters on July 15th, and positive exposure always seems to help when a great flick is about to hit. Honestly, however, I’m not as interested in hearing him sing as I am about the film coming out next month.

Though Snape is who I’m really excited to be watching…

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