Apparently people really like David Beckham in China.

David Beckham is on a week long tour of China. Day four of his tour, however, did not pass without incident. The retired midfielder paid a visit to Shanghai Tongji University to meet their football team. When nearly 1,000 fans gathered to catch a glimpse of him, the crowds couldn't be controlled and a stampede ensued.

Upon Beckham's arrival, fans stormed a gate and broke through police and guards. Photos and video footage show people pushed to the ground, shoes scattered and a uniformed woman being carried away, her face covered in blood.Three police officers, two university security guards and two students were injured, Shanghai police said.The event was promptly cancelled, presumably leaving a team of very disappointed university footballers.

Apparently their has been some corruption with Chinese referees fixing soccer games, but this is news to me. That is why Beckham is in China doing the week long tour. Sorry my subscription to the Chinese soccer league ended a few months ago and I know everyone was watching.

Check Out the David Beckham Stampede Below: