This may be one of the absolute best parodies of Miley Cyrus I have ever seen and it's Christmas themed! What could be better than that?

Instead of "Wrecking Ball," the popular song/video by Cyrus, somebody has rewritten all the lyrics to say "Deck the Halls." It's a lot catchier than it sounds.

And what makes this video so much better than anything else out there is the appearance of St. Nick himself. Instead of having a half-naked Cyrus riding a wrecking ball like in the original music video, we get to see what Santa looks like when flying through the room on a giant ball. It's worth watching.

You can see the video above and after you watch I have to know, did anyone else think Santa Clause just got creepier and creepier as the video went on or was that just me?

Miley Cyrus Tries Hard to Shock Again in Christmas Video