Think no one can watch you in a department store dressing room?  Think again.

It's a big day for peeping toms . . . and a horrible day for trying on bras.

Apparently, major department stores around the country have started reversing the slats on their dressing room doors.  Now, instead of keeping you private and helping you see out of the dressing room, people walking by can see IN.

They say they're doing it to prevent shoplifting.  Now employees can walk around the dressing room area and look in on people to make sure they're not stealing.

Of course, it means they'll be able to look in and see you NAKED.  And not just the employees . . . anyone.  But the stores aren't so concerned about that.

Apparently Macy's, Dillard's, Ann Taylor Loft, and Saks Fifth Avenue have already installed the reverse slats in several of their stores.

In a statement, Macy's said they've done it because, quote, "Retailers work hard to strike a balance between preserving the privacy of customers, providing customer service, maintaining customer safety in fitting rooms, and deterring theft."