Two new movies premiered over the July 4th Holiday weekend. The two films got very different results.'Despicable Me 2' cashed in on a dominating opening weekend. The family friendly animated feature came in first and blew away the other films in theaters over the long weekend.  Disney's new epic 'The Lone Ranger' flopped in the worst way- making a fraction of what 'Despicable Me 2' earned and has been dubbed a worse flop than last years 'John Carter'.  This marks the second year in a row that a big budget blockbuster produced by Disney set records for losing money considering the fact that it was Disney that was responsible for the above mentioned John Carter. Despicable Me 2, along with the success of Monsters University over the past few weeks seem to indicate it is the family friendly feature film that results in big numbers at the box office. This makes me wonder if the big budget blockbuster that I grew up with (for example Independence Day, Jurassic Park, and Mission Impossible) are a thing of the past.  I hope not... and with sequels to Jurassic Park and Independence Day in the works, not to mention another Avengers film, a Justice League Movie, and 3 more star wars Films in the works the classic big budget Hollywood summer movie is here to stay.

Here's this weeks Box office top 5:

5. World War Z  $18.2 M

4. Monsters University $19.6 M

3. The Heat $25 M

2. The Lone Ranger $29.4 M

1. Despicable Me 2  $82.5 M