What celebrities do in their own time shouldn't be a big deal, but when that celebrity gets into a fight in an area of town known for its active drug trade, people are going to ask questions.

Last weekend, Zac Efron (High School Musical, Neighbors) claims that he was punched the hardest he had ever been hit by a homeless man while trying to defend his own body guard in the notorious Skid Row area of L.A. This is only a few months after breaking his jaw in a freak accident.

But why was Mr. Efron fighting homeless people in a part of town known for selling illegal drugs? According to Efron, his car ran out of gas while on his way to a downtown restaurant, and while he was waiting for a tow truck, he decided to toss some trash out the window.

And apparently, the local homeless citizens thought he was throwing it at them, so they got into a fight. Now I don't know why he couldn't stay locked in the car, but for some reason, Efron and his body guard got out of the car and began fighting the homeless.

At first it was just the bodyguard fighting the homeless, until, according to reports, Efron used a vodka bottle to fight them off.

The cops ended up spotting the celebrity and his guard fighting off the homeless and broke up the fight, although no one was arrested because the cops declared that it was 'mutual combat.'

There are a bunch of different reports about what happened but according to TMZ, who caught up with the body guard, Efron is a hero.

The body guard went on to say that the homeless men rushed at him with a spear and stabbed him in the face, stomach and chest and it was actually Efron who managed to stop their attack using only a vodka bottle.

While TMZ didn't release the bodyguard's name they did do a little research and found out that he has a criminal history for drugs and violence. So why was Efron with this guy on the bad side of town?

Was Efron trying to buy drugs? Was the 'bodyguard' really a drug dealer? Was the fight really a drug deal gone wrong?

Some people seem to think so and they may not be too far from the truth. There has been a lot of talk about his drug problems this past year, including multiple stints in rehab for cocaine addiction.

Sadly, we may never know what really happened, but at least it's fun to try and guess.