So we all know the world is filled with crazy people.  They either follow, stalk or creep celebrities.  The others...are the celebrities..haha, just kidding...maybe.  Anyways, how would you like to be slapped with a $900 billion lawsuit like Diddy.  Thankfully he is quite well off and should have some great attorneys.  Though, just about any attorney should be able to fight this lawsuit which alleges that Diddy had a part in the destruction of the World Trade Centers on Sep. 11, 2001 along with Kim Porter, his baby's mamma, and Rodney King who was beaten by the LAPD years ago.  As if this couldn't get any stupider, the lady filing the suit rants off on more allegations:  she claims all three knocked her and her kids down after they knocked down the WTC's, that Diddy is the father of her 23 year old son, and that Diddy stole a chip from her worth 100 zillions of dollars, just to name a few!!

Holy Cow this lady is crazy!