Yesterday I came home and found my youngest daughter sitting on the kitchen floor eating crackers. If they fell on the floor, she didn’t care, she was just munching away on her snack. Now, I know I have picked stuff off the floor and eaten it, but something about seeing her just chomping away and not even checking for hairs or dirt, made me question the validity of the Five Second Rule. Today, my fears were put to rest. I found that science has verified the rule on certain foods. If you drop ice cream on the floor, it is done and you should not eat it…but if you drop candy or bacon on the floor – go ahead and wipe it off and enjoy your rescued treat! The reason is that scientists have found that  foods with high salt or sugar levels were safer to eat after being dropped on the floor than healthier food because it was harder for bacteria to survive on them. Not sure if that is good news or not…or just an excuse to eat junk food if you are a messy eater?

via TVNZ