You’ve always known that Cookie Monster can’t resist a sweet treat, but has he come to a point that he needs an intervention? One such monster in New York got arrested last week after he shoved a child in Times Square, and now Jimmy Kimmel is taking a closer look at the guy who becomes a bully whenever cookies are present.

Sure, the guy in Times Square was just a dude dressed as Cookie Monster, but the real Muppet has had a problem for years. Not only does he love cookies, he’ll throw anyone under the bus to get his lips around the baked confections and doesn’t care if he destroys property while he’s doing it. Dishes have been broken, crumbs have flown through the air, and his friends are getting concerned about his behavior.

What do you think? Does someone need to step in and get help for Cookie Monster? Will the vicious cycle of binging and then binging again ever stop?