We don't know if this study is accurate, but it's generating a lot of controversy and it makes a pretty bold statement. But even if there's just a chance it's accurate, it might be the best reason yet not to hit your kids.

According to a study in the "Journal of Behavioral Medicine" from Plymouth University in the U.K., spanking or hitting your kids increases their chance of getting cancer.

The researchers found that children who were hit by their parents once a month or more were 70% more likely to develop cancer than other children. They're also 30% more likely to develop heart disease.

The theory here is that physical punishment leads to a more stressful childhood. And that stress early in life can take a toll on the body.

But the study is generating a lot of controversy. People who are skeptical say there could be other factors involved - like health, money, and education - that the researchers didn't account for.

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